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Reduction in unit price

Most oil distributors offer a reduction in quoted schedule prices for larger volumes as it reduces delivery costs. The advantage of an oil buying group is that all members benefit from the total volume price reduction irrespective of the individual volume ordered.

Fewer goods vehicle movements

An oil buying group of five houses has the potential to reduce the number of delivery tanker journeys in the area from five to one. If each member of the group takes three deliveries a year, this could reduce the number of tanker movements from 15 to just three – safer for the community and better for the environment.

Important Notes

As outlined above there are advantages of being a member of an oil buying group but there are also some key points to think about before joining the group.
It is worth remembering that members do not have to buy heating oil solely through the syndicate. They are free at any point to purchase oil themselves as their individual needs dictate and therefore do not need to wait until the next Group Order before they can place an order with the supplier.

The Chillington Oil Buyers Group is run on a purely voluntary basis with orders taken four times during the year; March, June, September and December. With over 70 members it is essential to keep the cost and administration down, therefore all communication is done via email. If you do not use email you can ask a friend or neighbour to sponsor you (They receive the emails, print them out and pass them onto you)

For more information on the Chillington Oil Users Group, email:

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